If you are looking for clear and straightforward instructions on how to install Openstack RDO (Newton release) with Nuage SDN, then check this post from Scott Irwin.

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In this post we’ll learn how to install OpenStack RDO (Newton) and integrate it with nuage. As a perquisite the Nuage VCS components must have already been installed and setup. The only requirements between the OpenStack controller and the VSD is that the root (or whatever user you plan to utilize for API access between the OpenStack Contoller and the VSD) be placed within the CMS User Group which is found under:

Platform Configuration” –> “Settings” –> “User Group

Outline of things to do

  • Prepare the OpenStack Controller
  • Prepare the answers file
  • Prepare the OpenStack Compute Nodes
  • Run the PackStack answers file
  • Clone the bash scripts and run

RDO (PackStack) Newton installation with Nuage VCS 4.0R8

Preparing your OpenStack (PackStack) Controller

LAB Setup to deploy RDO OpenStack Newton with the following requirements
1 OpenStack Controller
2 Nova Compute Nodes
NFS Server (Nuage images/rpm repo)

OpenStack Controller (Virtual Machine)
4 vCPU, 8G…

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