I came across this post, and i find it very useful. Sometimes you may want to modify an image. For example, add an ip address, add a user, or change grub settings without firing up the vm. The tool to use for that is Guestfish. To learn more about, you can read this blog  from pinrojas, it is to follow his instructions with Nuage VSC VM as an exmaple of how to manipulate a VM settings.



Tricky Deadline

Hi there,

This post is useful to anyone planing to use guestfish to make some changes to any qcow2 disk image file. You can solve issues like change user settings, or define static ip addresses, or change grub settings.

I am using guestfish to change some configurations into my vsc_singledisk.qcow2 image. Why? because all the changes into VSC must be done thru a console. However, If you are thinking to run this on OpenStack liberty/kvm. It would be a issue. Most of the instances has been managed thru vnc (graphics). Then, I’ve added network settings to bof.cfg file to make this instance boot with a specific ip address. I can follow the next steps of its setup thru ssh 😉

Install your guestfish and libvirtd packages

I’ve downloaded a centos7 minimal OVA file to my Mac. I’ve imported it to my vbox and make run. I’ve used to have selinux disabled. Maybe you will need…

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