For DIY fans who want to play with SDN, read this post, which highlights how to install Nuage SDWAN in a single box under 60 Minutes 🙂


Tricky Deadline

Create your SDWAN lab on-premises with ansible is a nicer experience.
I have this new playbook that will help you. So far, it works on just one KVM host. Nuage instances will be accessed via ssh using other KVM Host’s ports with DNAT (iptables). Just check the “hosts” inventory file after build it.

We’ll do the following:
* yum update of your KVM host
* Install libvirt and plain openvswitch (using ovs instead linux bridge just in case you need to use more than one server)
* Create pat rules at your KVM Hosts (VMs will be accessed thru NAT ports. You can change that if you want… be my guest 🙂
* Create libvirt domains (remember modify image locations if you access to internet is not one of the best)
* Configure your NTP/DNS server (using as forward servers, you can change that on the playbook)
* Configure…

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